Selection of recent projects

SeMI Brand, Identity, and Website Design §

Semantic Machine Insights (SeMI) is a collaboration with ING Labs and funded by ING’s ICEC innovation accelerator. SeMI enables companies to enrich their market and customer insights through the exchange of valuable metadata.

For this Amsterdam-based startup I created the brand and identity design, a design system, pattern library and UX/UI design principles.

Logo variations. (click for logo rationale.)
SeMI style guide.

The design system is developed with the exact same design components as the user-facing website.

Color section of design system documentation.

Brief §

  • Create a friendly identity for a product that might conceptually be difficult to grasp at first.

  • Develop the user-facing website.

Process §

  • Researching competitive space, see if there are similar products in the current market and identify how they position themselves.

  • Creating a friendly and approachable identity.

  • Creating a design system to develop a consistent online presence.

Deliverables §

  • Identity/brand design

  • Visual design direction

  • Design system

  • HTML and CSS-based design components

  • Art direction
  • Visual design
  • Branding
  • Component library
  • Design consultancy
  • Design system
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Identity
  • Responsive design
  • UX