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the SeMI brand and its values

SeMI’s mission

SeMI offers its users the best possible way to come up with answers, and to insights without any friction. SeMI is not just a service but also a partner.


SeMI is a modern digital brand for the connected age; relying on, and taking advantage of today’s digital possibilities. Rather than a static brand, SeMI utilises motion, transition, feedback/-forward and micro-interactions to manifest its brand recognition and visual appearance.

SeMI avoids cliches and has a clear and straight-to-the-point mentality. She engages with and understands her users, providing awesome and attentive customer relations. Focus on content and context dictates the visual manifestation of the brand.

Representing the SeMI brand; our visual identity

The technology behind SeMI is complex and technical, therefore the brand aims to be human – almost personal, and simple; it provides a humane, playful contrast to its workings.

These characteristics translate into simple rectangular shapes combined with organic and fluid shapes and compositions throughout the interface. Emphasis on circular accents “Takes the edge off”.

The brand is deliberately minimalistic; just like the product it represents it allows for continuous iteration and evolution.

A global brand with a classic Dutch twist

SeMI is a global brand with a classic Dutch twist; taking cues from – for instance – Dick Bruna’s simplicity, minimalism & fun and modernist Dutch painters’ bold color blocks and rigid composition. The Netherlands’ historic trade alliance with Japan allows for the use of Japanese aesthetic accents.

Sudden shifts in bold color – rather than gradients or pastels – signify open- and directness. Warm shades make users feel at home. Recognisable, memorable and exciting colors inspire the user and allow room for emotion within content that could be perceived as dry and technical. At the same time it adds to SeMI’s uniqueness.

SeMI’s voice, how she talks to her users